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As a kid I was a great artist, but school forced me to choose between music and art. Being young and wanting to attract girls I decided music might be a better route than art. Little did I know that I would start off playing the saxophone… (not really making me a chick magnet). Soon after I learned to sing and play guitar and have played in multiple touring bands throughout the United States and still play solo to this day.

The life of a musician was fun but as I got older I decided to take a break from the “rockstar” lifestyle and stopped drinking and smoking. Little did I realize that when I quit I would have countless hours of free time every day. While living in Florida I decided to pick up the pencil and start drawing again. Everything I had learned when I was younger came right back to me like I had never stopped. From there I picked up multiple mediums of art including charcoal, acrylic and watercolor painting, spray painting, and wood burning to name a few. Little did I know that this was prepping me for a great career in tattooing.

After winning multiple first place and best of show awards for my artwork and teaching art classes to hundreds of kids and adults I decided to take my talent and transfer it onto skin. Since that day I have been working tirelessly to perfect the craft and put beautiful pieces of artwork on people to show the world.

Client Testimonials 

I have tattoos from other artists; however, Dustin Kaiser has done my last 3; including my back and a freehand piece... and is the only artist that I will have do any more work for me!! Amazing solid work!! ?


-Tonya Kenyon

Thank you for letting me put my trust in you for getting my first tattoo and many more to come. It’s so special to me to have something for my mom to be able to look at everyday. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful tattoo artist and the only tattoo artist I will ever come see and put my trust in. You’re amazing. Thank you so much! ?


Brelynn L Burch

More than just a tattoo artist he truly cares about us scaredy-cats in the chair! And for some who are chickens but love tats that means a lot! And work is one of a kind, can’t wait for next one.


Tammy Edwards Sullivan

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