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Hello, my name is Jennifer Santoro. I also go by Jenn! I am an artist that specializes in neo-traditional and traditional style color tattoos.

Drawing is something I have been passionate about since a young age, and began taking more seriously around age 11. I started off creating a lot of artwork digitally. The first program I remember drawing in was Microsoft Paint! As I was growing up, I began branching out and exploring many new mediums of art aside from digital. For the past 6 years before beginning my apprenticeship, I had been focusing solely on drawing traditionally, on paper. Today, my favorite mediums aside of tattooing are woodwork and watercolor painting. 

The art of tattooing and the idea of becoming a tattoo artist very quickly peaked my interest as soon as I began getting tattooed myself. There’s really nothing quite like the feeling of leaving a shop wearing a new piece of artwork, and being excited to display it forever and watch it grow with you. The idea of giving someone a piece of my own artwork that they would wear proudly on their sleeve (literally) — excited me to no end, and I quickly realized that this is what I wanted to do for a living.

I began my apprenticeship in December 2019 under owner and artist, Andrew Bissell. I’m forever grateful to Andrew for making the decision to take me on as his apprentice, and welcome me in as a new artist. I’m eager to learn more about the tattoo industry and grow more as an artist through this trade. 

Thank you for reading and taking the time to get to know a little bit about me. I look forward to working with you and hearing your ideas!

Client Testimonials 

Overall wonderful experience. Jennifer explains everything she's doing. Jennifer is mindful of detail. I will see her again!


Seven Inks takes pride in their shop and every tattoo they create. Jennifer was an absolute pleasure and so easy to talk to. Jennifer's knowledge about tattoos and the history of tattooing was vast and made me so comfortable to be tattooed by her.


Jennifer was super cool and enjoyable to talk to. 🙂 will definitely be going back.


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