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As a child, I watched a lot of TV and often saw how in movies, bad guys wear various tattoos, so this whole entourage stuck in my soul at an early age. Although I studied well at school, college and institute, my parents hoped that in the future I would become a great specialist in management, but the only thing I really liked to do was draw. As a result, after entering the university, I realized that it is necessary to at least try to move in a direction that brings pleasure.

At 17, I received my first special tattoo equipment as a gift, and my brother volunteered for my first job. Then, I made a terrible tattoo, which I corrected myself a couple of years later.  My story is rather an exception: I didn’t study anywhere and got all my knowledge from YouTube. Surprisingly, my youthful maximalism worked and things went well right away.

For me, the tattoo industry is one of the opportunities for self-expression of each of us now. And I am glad that the tattoo industry is becoming a higher light, the recognition of tattooing as an art.

Emotions, human passion, history – this is the philosophy of my art. Improving my work on a technical level, I realized that my work is a story on someone else’s body, and it will really mean a lot to someone!

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